Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedding Deals!

That's right more wedding stuff!  I knew that I didn't want to go broke planning my wedding so I thought I'd share some tips/ideas on how I have been planning and some great deals that I've gotten!

For today - because this one is fresh in my mind I will let you know that I got 120 programs for $45, I will need to print them myself - but they were what I was looking for & let's be honest who is going to remember the program - most will get thrown away!  However, I did still want them to match and look nice and go with my black/white & red theme!  So the first tip I am going to share is to go to the website www.weddingbee.com   This website has great ideas/tips/ and  a classifieds site on it just for wedding stuff!!!!  I got my programs from someone in Canada that  wasn't able to use them because they weren't large enough for all of the items that she needed to put on the program.
I looked them up and these would cost $40/box if I were to have ordered them myself - so I felt this was a great way to save some money!!!!

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