Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Way To Save A Few $$$$

My bridesmaids have been looking for their dresses all over and were shocked to see the cost of a dress!  They were looking at tea-length dresses - nothing over the top fancy. I told them to pick what they liked and would be comfortable in.

Then one day while shopping at a local bridal store we found a gorgeous one shoulder, to the floor, black gown - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!  We then also found out long gowns cost even more!!!!!!!!!  They had the dresses narrowed down to 2 or 3. One day I called the bridal store where I purchased my dress from & asked if my bridesmaids came there to buy there dresses would they get a discount. She said typically they only do that if the groomsmen come there too. 

At this point in the wedding planning process we were only going to have the guys wear black pants, white shirts and black ties so we weren't going to need to rent anything.  I told this to the clerk on the phone & she said she'd call the owner & see what they could do.  They called me back & told me that as long as they pay in full they can get 20% off their dresses!!!! 

So we went to this bridal store & they had the same dresses we liked from the local one & then a new one that had just come in & that is the one we picked!  

To Sum It Up:
 My tip is call your bridal store and see if they will give you a discount for ANYTHING!  If you don't ask you won't find out!!!!!

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