Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Check this guy out!

This is Javier - he was on the voice last night and he is amazing!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I Feel It In The Air

I know it's Easter time again,
I feel it in the air.
The breath of spring with woodsy tang,
And new life everywhere.
And spring glides on with magic touch
O'er mountain side and glen;
And wakens all the sleeping plants
For Easter time again.

The brooklets leap from rock to rock,
As if in joyful play;
The flowers peep from darkened tombs
To welcome Easter Day.
The birds are swinging on the boughs,
And trill in ecstasy;
They seem to show the world's great joy
Of Easter mystery.

Why should we dread
the thing called death?
It's just an open door,
Where all within is love and peace
And joy forever more.
"Because I live, you too shall live,"
We hear the Savior say.
Let's consecrate our lives anew,
On this glad Easter Day.
~By Edna Reed~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here's what I'll be making!

I am getting ready for another very busy weekend!!!!  D & I have Easter with his family Saturday around noon, then we have my nephews 5th B-day party in the afternoon, then it's Easter for my family on Sunday!  So for each event I will be making dessert - I LOVE to make desserts - but was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of 3 plus a salad for this weekend! 

My nephew wants a tractor cake - which I'm excited to make:

and for D's family I'll be making this super cute Easter egg cake - and I'm going to try to put a surprise in the center of that cake for the kids!

These are just my templates I'll be posting more pictures later - if they turn out!

Oh you ask about the third dessert - my sisters so graciously told me I could "just" bring banana splits for Easter at Mom and Dads!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I read this on facebook and had to share!

Laugh when you can... Apologize when you should... And let go of what you can't change... Love deeply and forgive quickly... Take chances and give your everything... Life is too short to be anything but happy... You have to take the good with the bad... Love what you have... Always remember what you had... Forgive... but don't forget.. but always remember that Life goes on. Post this if you agree...!!!

Wishcasting Wednesday....What do you wish to tend to????

Over at Jamie Ridlers studio she asks us today:  What do you wish to tend to?

Lots of things went running through my head - family, friends, work, the new house we are purchasing - which needs some work as it's a foreclosure!  However I think I need to tend to myself and my soul first - I need to take time to slow down and be present, enjoy each moment as it happens - right now.  I need to stop worrying about the future and what will happen, how will it all get done - and take a deep breath and relax.  I need to try to be present for family events instead of thinking of work, be present for work events instead of thinking of family - and just be!!!!!!!!!

I am going to tend to myself by being present.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LUV THIS!!!!!!!!!'s the way you think. that's your purpose. it's never been about what work you choose, what gifts you develop, or what niche you fill - let these be for your pleasure

....think as only you can think, which will lead to feelings that only you can feel, from which connections will be made, lives will be changed, and worlds will come tumbling into existence. 

-mike dooley. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

So much to do!

I had good intentions of posting after we did something for the house - but as we all know - time gets away from us and life happens!  Over the past week I've been working on making purchases for the house so we don't have to buy everything and one time - if that would have to happen I'm pretty sure I'd have a heart attack!  I'm a Realtor and never knew how stressful buying a house was until I am now going through it!  I have a feeling this experience will help me be better at my job!
 Main bathroom - I can't stand the wood toilet seat and metal sliding shower doors - both have to go!
 Living Room - this room will get new carpet and paint

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Work already?

Over the weekend Dave & I intalled smoke detectors in both basement bedrooms and one carbon monoxide detector also in the basement.  Then upstairs we installed two carbon monoxide detectors,  a handrailing and 4 GFCI's, and several outlet covers - all this and there hasn't been a clsoing yet.  These are just some of the details that have to be done prior to the appraisal - things required for us to get the loan.

We still need to install a pipe on on the water heater - also required for the loan.  After that we should have everything completed that we know for sure would be called out as work orders on the appraisal. 

I am going to try to get some before pictures taken so I can share the progress along the way!

On Sunday I also browned 10 pounds of hamburger to use when friends/family come help us work on the house. I emptied my Christmas pots that had berries & ornaments in - the snow had finally melted away!

Then I took down some lights & decorations and hung those out & aired those out and then packed them away.

Then we cleaned out as much from Daves storage shed as we can - we had one full truck load!  So slowly we are getting things done - May is going to be here before we know it!

Then today I went and bought a mail box and have been pricing paint, ladders, flooring, etc!  Who knew that there'd be so much to do?!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Exciting News!

Dave & I are buying a house! 

This sort of came out of nowhere!  I felt like we were on this nice planned path and then WHAM!  Here's the perfect opportunity!

I'm a Realtor so I'm always sending Dave homes to look over and thought it's good for us to have an idea of what homes are going for!  This one popped up just outside of town on 4 acres with a triple stall garage and a pole shed!  Dave drove out there one evening and called me immediately and said we have to buy it!  I was like yeah, uh huh, sure ok!  He hasn't spoke with a lender yet, we don't know what the interior is like being it's a foreclosure, we need more information and I haven't seen any of it or the location.  I AM NOT A COUNTRY GIRL and this is on acreage in the country!

So Dave insists we look at it - so the next day I schedule a showing - but we each had to go on our own because of our schedules.  In the meantime I have him call a lender and find out what the payments would be, if he's pre-approved etc.  

We throw in an offer and they come back at full price ( because it's so new to the market and there was a ton of activity this is typical)!  So we decide to have his parents and brother come look at it.  We were with them at the property for over 2 hours - so we were very thorough!  We talked about it over the weekend - all weekend long and decide we are going to try to make another offer!  So Monday morning first thing we do!  Not until later in the afternoon that day do we find out she is submitting the offer after 3 - which means the bank won't look at it until Tuesday.  Then the listing agent proceeds to tell me that there is probably another offer coming in. 

Tuesday comes and goes with no word - Wednesday morning we find out there will be another offer so we now have to submit our highest and best offer!  It's a snow storm and nobody is going anywhere but I have no choice but to get to the office and submit the new offer!  So out in the blizzard I go!

I get to the office submit our final offer and within about 30 minutes I get a call from the listing agent.  She says to me: "so what's this?" I say you requested highest & best - she says oh but the other offer decided not to submit - phew!!!!!  Now we only have to wait for the bank to accept our offer!  However - this takes at least another 24 hours!  Finally we get the news - we got it!

Then we have to get through: 
A home inspection - check!
A septic inspection - check!
A water test - still waiting on results
An appraisal - soon to happen!

I'll keep you posted as we proceed!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Stole My Crackers?!

So this is a bit silly so I thought I'd share! 

I don't have any sort of heating in my office at work and we have really bad windows so I have to leave my office door open when I go home at night so heat from the conference room comes in during the night!  If I didn't do this I would freeze all day long!!!!!!!!  I work at a building that the main floor is our real estate offices and my office door is in the conference room along with one other girls door.  Upstairs is a builders office and a landscape office. We are able to lock up the conference room at night when we go home so I usually am never concerend about leaving my door open. Plus I prefer to be warm of freezing and having numb fingers!

So the other day I had a box of Cheez-It's (crackers) in my office next to my desk.  About half the box was gone.  I go to reach for it the other day and the box is gone!  I think to myself oh i must have put it in my snack drawer or moved it - so I look and look and look!  NOTHING!  They are gone!  So who on earth would take a half-eaten box of cracker?!  I have candy sitting out and I have a 12 pack of pop in my office - none of that was gone - just the cheez-it's!  Strange!