Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Stole My Crackers?!

So this is a bit silly so I thought I'd share! 

I don't have any sort of heating in my office at work and we have really bad windows so I have to leave my office door open when I go home at night so heat from the conference room comes in during the night!  If I didn't do this I would freeze all day long!!!!!!!!  I work at a building that the main floor is our real estate offices and my office door is in the conference room along with one other girls door.  Upstairs is a builders office and a landscape office. We are able to lock up the conference room at night when we go home so I usually am never concerend about leaving my door open. Plus I prefer to be warm of freezing and having numb fingers!

So the other day I had a box of Cheez-It's (crackers) in my office next to my desk.  About half the box was gone.  I go to reach for it the other day and the box is gone!  I think to myself oh i must have put it in my snack drawer or moved it - so I look and look and look!  NOTHING!  They are gone!  So who on earth would take a half-eaten box of cracker?!  I have candy sitting out and I have a 12 pack of pop in my office - none of that was gone - just the cheez-it's!  Strange!

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