Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here's what I'll be making!

I am getting ready for another very busy weekend!!!!  D & I have Easter with his family Saturday around noon, then we have my nephews 5th B-day party in the afternoon, then it's Easter for my family on Sunday!  So for each event I will be making dessert - I LOVE to make desserts - but was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of 3 plus a salad for this weekend! 

My nephew wants a tractor cake - which I'm excited to make:

and for D's family I'll be making this super cute Easter egg cake - and I'm going to try to put a surprise in the center of that cake for the kids!

These are just my templates I'll be posting more pictures later - if they turn out!

Oh you ask about the third dessert - my sisters so graciously told me I could "just" bring banana splits for Easter at Mom and Dads!

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  1. This looks like too much fun. I once mad a hummer for my grandsons 3rd collapsed in the middle, but it tasted good and he was thrilled.
    Keep smiling and creating