Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Work already?

Over the weekend Dave & I intalled smoke detectors in both basement bedrooms and one carbon monoxide detector also in the basement.  Then upstairs we installed two carbon monoxide detectors,  a handrailing and 4 GFCI's, and several outlet covers - all this and there hasn't been a clsoing yet.  These are just some of the details that have to be done prior to the appraisal - things required for us to get the loan.

We still need to install a pipe on on the water heater - also required for the loan.  After that we should have everything completed that we know for sure would be called out as work orders on the appraisal. 

I am going to try to get some before pictures taken so I can share the progress along the way!

On Sunday I also browned 10 pounds of hamburger to use when friends/family come help us work on the house. I emptied my Christmas pots that had berries & ornaments in - the snow had finally melted away!

Then I took down some lights & decorations and hung those out & aired those out and then packed them away.

Then we cleaned out as much from Daves storage shed as we can - we had one full truck load!  So slowly we are getting things done - May is going to be here before we know it!

Then today I went and bought a mail box and have been pricing paint, ladders, flooring, etc!  Who knew that there'd be so much to do?!!!!!!!!! 

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