Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Great Resource

Alright - it's another website - but it's been another great one -!

I love etsy!!!

 I admire those of you who are crafty and can see things & make them, or just have that natural talent that some of us just don't, doesn't matter how hard I try, I just am not crafty!!

Etsy has been a great resource for gifts, jewelery and ideas in general! 

Here is just one of the many things I have gotten from etsy - knowing it's handmade just for me is pretty cool as well!!!!!!!!

This is something I've had pinned on my wedding pinterest board for a LONG time & have been looking for something similar to this every time I go into a wedding store!  However, they are crazy high priced!!!  Anything I like is well over $100 - crazy to me, I am shocked at the cost of anything bridal.  I found that anytime they put the word "bride" or "wedding" with anything the price about doubles. 

So one afternoon I was admiring this again on Pinterest when I looked at the source it came from & it was Etsy!!!  Woohoo - I was SO excited!  However, I clicked on it - it took me to the website & when th link opened I was let down - SOLD!  Ugh!  Now what, I looked through the stores site & there wasn't anything I liked more, this is the one I wanted!

So I emailed the store owner, whats the worst that can happen I figured, she'd tell me no I can't make this for you! 
Guess what - she said she would!!!!!
I just got it in the mail last week, took it in to make sure it matched my dress & sure enough - identical!!!!  I couldn't have been happier!!! 

 It's the little things in life that make us happy!

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