If there is an experience that you can’t change then do your best to change your attitude about it. Don’t sit and think about your discontentment in the experience. If you have negative feelings about something then find the reason why and do something about it through your attitude. We all have experiences that we would love to change but some experiences ‘just are.’ In those kinds of experiences the only way to make it more positive is to change your attitude instead of hanging on to what you feel resistant about. This will change your perspective and the experience. And then the experience will begin to change. So you see…you can change it. :)

Think about how freeing this can be. Here you have an experience that you are tired of or don’t want to keep replaying. Maybe it is as simple as you don’t like a certain time at work because of THAT meeting. When it is something that won’t be changed then it is your attitude that will change it. Accept it is there. This doesn’t mean that you have to say, “I love this experience,” because it is obvious that you don’t by how you feel… but if you just accept that it is there, put no judgment or discontentment toward it, and just get it done then you have released the resistant feeling vibration toward the experience. As you release the vibration then what happens is the experience begins to change. First because of how you are experiencing it now and once the resistance is released you will ‘move on’ and the experience will lessen in negativity creating a whole new vibration