Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All In One Day!

So I thought I'd start sharing some stories of the strange/crazy things that happen & that I see while selling houses!!!  Trust me - you can't make these stories up!!!!!

Yesterday I went to show a vacant house & while showing a house to a lady who brought her mother & her daughter with we went to the upstairs.  The house is a 1 1/4 story house with 2 dormers & because Ii am 5'10" and had heels on I had to stay in one spot where the window was so I could stand up without hitting my head!  While allowing the women to look around the Grandmother opens the attic door and starts looking around & goes "oh is that a couple of bats."!!!!!!!  I am about ready to run - but the lady goes into the attic to inspect the bats!!!  I was sure they were going to come flying out at us - but thank goodness they didn't!  We still aren't sure if they were bats that were dead - alive or just lots & lots of cobwebs!  Either way - I am not a fan of bats!

Then after getting in my car to leave I look out my window & see this:

Then I am driving to an appointment & go to pass a truck & trailer going 40 mph and look over into the trailer to see that it's FULL of geese!!!!!!!!!!!  I've never seen such a thing - it was crazy!!!!

All this in one fun filled day!!!!!!!

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