Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm also a Psychiatirst?!

Here's another good one!  I had a call from a lady that wanted to sell her home.  She starts out the conversation by telling me I went to school with her daughter - she is 100% sure of that....oopsies!  That was my sister who is 4 years older than me!  Oh well - she can think that for now. So I go to her home to do a CMA for her and have been warned that she is a unique woman. 

I get there and she invites me in - it's a home I'm familiar with because it is a very unique one of a kind home!  Those details aren't even important!  She invites me and and I'm there for a good hour to hour and a half and we never once toured the home - we sat at the kitchen table the entire time.  What she did the entire time was "drink" something and talk to me about her hard life...her divorce....her step kids....her kids.....her dog was jumping all over me - there are no lights on in the house and it sort of felt like an episode of hoarders - a toned down version - but hoarders!  She wants to list her home for about $100,000 more than what it's worth - so this was the first listing I've ever had to tell no that I can't take this listing.  She was thankfully very understanding and then informed me that one other Realtor had told her the same thing.

After a lull in the conversation i mentioned how gorgeous her Christmas Cactus was and she offered to give me one!!!  She literally can grow any plant and grow it amazingly well!  She had gorgeous orchids and other unique plants that no one else can grow!

After this she receives a phone call and tells me it's from a debt collector!!  I'm trying to figure out how to get out of here at this point!  She stays on the phone with the debt collector who is coming after her because of stuff her soon to be ex did!  Either way - this is very awkward and I need to leave!  She is giving the debt collector more information than anyone should ever hear!  Finally she needs to smoke - so we head outside and I make my exit!! 

This sweet lady now sends me strange emails & calls me randomly about her home!! 

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