Thursday, January 13, 2011

So they came back!

So on Monday all the guys from the snowmobile trip came home and everyone was in piece.  The snowmobiles are a whole other story!  I still to this day don't understand the thrill of driving 19 hours to ride snowmobiles that you have to work on over and over again and that seem to break A LOT! 

So they got home on Monday afternoon and I went to Daves to see him.  We went to get some supper come back and the next thing I know is he's on the phone with one of the guys from the trip!  You would just think that after spending 20+ hours in a truck with someone that, that would be more than enough time with them.  Apparently not!  I hate to be "that girl" but I was!  I just stared at him like are you kidding me?!  He did get off the phone as quickly as he could which I did appreciate - but come on!

They tell me they are going on another trip - but Russ - the roommate isn't allowed with unfortunately because he doesn't want to listen when they try to help him.  We'll see if they all go on another trip - one down and everyone is home safe - but two trips means fixing snowmobiles, including 2 possibly that were totaled - one that needs a brand new track and other minor parts fixed!!!!

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