Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Madness!!

Happy Monday!!!! 

So this morning I wake up at D's to see that I have about 4-5 inches of snow covering my car!  I have a FABULOUS car starter, so I started my car with it and then let my dog Zoey outside for one last time before I head out to work.  I get my stuff all together - put my phone in my purse, put my Ipod in my purse, grab some food for dinner & head out to remove all the snow from my car!  I get to my car and sit in the passenger side door to put my boots on and put the key in the ignition so I can run the wipers & get my seat warmers warming!  I start by scrapping the passenger side windows, the hood, the drivers side and then onto the trunk.  I open the drivers side door and pop the trunk.  Then I had to grab 2 for sale signs out of D's garage.  I try to get one in the trunk but it was too long so I had to lay the back seat down.  So I then open up the drivers side back door & lay the back seat down.  I then proceed to get the 2nd sign from the garage and put that in my trunk.  FINALLY, I'm ready to go to work.  I grab my scraper & try to get in my car and what do I find - the doors, yes all 4 are locked!  AHHHH - How on earth did this happen?  I still now don't know and am still confused!   
So here is a picture of where my locks are located - as you can see they are on the side panel - so you would understand why I'm baffled by this incident.

So to make matters worse I now have no phone to call a locksmith because it's in my purse in my car!!!  So what do I do????  I go to D's computer and think I might be able to email a locksmith - or if I can find an address drive there - that is if I can find D's extra set of keys, because his truck was home, he carpooled with 2 other guys.  I look up Litchfield locksmiths and there's only 2 and one is way out in the middle of nowhere & the other is the guys home.  I decide to email my Mom as she should be at work & checks her email regularly.  I'm thinking she should be able to call a locksmith for me.  So i email her & sit & wait for a response back, after not getting one, I am starting to panic - ahh I have a full tank of gas, what am I going to do, how long can my car run without a problem!  It's just after 9:00 now - this all started about 8:30!  I think if I email Dave he'll be on his 9:00 break and get my message!   Nope - nothing!  I try to text him from my computer a ton of times in a row - hoping to get his attention and still nothing!  Email Mom again - nothing!  I finally decide I have no other option but try to see if I can find a pay phone in town.  I head to the library first - not even open yet.  Then I figure I better start checking gas stations.  Super America is the closest I go in & ask if they have a pay phone - nope!  However, the very nice clerk said that the HHS building right behind them had one in their entry! HALLELUJAH!   I head over there with a pocket full of quarters and start making calls. 

On a side note in case you are wondering - it costs 50 cents per phone call now!

So I call the 1st company, no answer.  Call the second company - no answer, but they have a cell phone number.  Call the cell phone - no answer.  Look in the phone book for someone else - nope, nobody unless I want to call someone from Willmar and I don't want to pay that bill.  For that price I was thinking I'd drive home to Raymond & get my extra set of keys!  So I try the first guy again and was going to leave him a message - thank goodness he answers!!!!!!!!!!  However, he is a long ways away he tells me - he was very nice and apologetic about it.  But did give me another guys name to call - Gary's Towing of Litchfield.  He answered & he could come over!  Thank you so much!  So he said he'd be right over!  He actually was so quick he beat me back to D's house!  5 minutes later my car was opened & my Monday morning madness was over!

Thank goodness for locksmiths!

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