Monday, January 10, 2011

How it all began!

I thought I'd give you the background on how this whole idea came about! 

So I've been dating Dave a LONG time!  When I first started dating him he played softball ALL summer long, he'd drive an hour one way just to go home & play with some high school friends (I once was a summer single).  Then as time went on and gas got expensive ( he drives a 3/4 ton truck) he realized he could play in the town he lives in!  So he started to play ball there but at least it wasn't every night of the week and the games were in the area!

At some point in time he decided he wanted to snowmobile - who knew what an obsession that would become!  He bought a brand new snowmobile - and has to Mod it out! I know way TOO much snowmobile terminology.  So he had this snowmobile and every year since then he goes on 1-3 trips a winter to snowmobile.  Now they don't just drive an hour or two north - they drive for  HOURS to get to the mountains!  Now this year they went to Idaho.  Each year seems like I see him less and less in the winter and am lucky to get to spend an hour of uninterrupted time with him on the weekends.  (We live about 45 minutes apart so I usually go there on Friday-Sunday).  During the week I am used to not seeing him but on the weekends it has started to drive me a bit crazy, I'll admit it!  So this year I bought a new/used car and the same day Dave bought another snowmobile - aghhhhh!  That's a lot of money in one day!  So needless to say this new snowmobile needed all kinds of work done to it to make it mountain worthy.  He not only works on his snowmobile, but his friends as well - I do love that about him, but at the same time it frustrates me.

So over Christmas I figured we could have one day without snowmobile talk or phone calls - nope not even on Christmas were we able to go without him making calls about snowmobiles.  On the way back to his house after Christmas Dinner at my Grandma's house we were driving back and he was texting and discussing snowmobiling when I finally said we only have about 20 minutes before we get home can we go the rest of the time talking about anything but snowmobiling.  Yes, this does bother him at first but then he realizes it's going to be ok!  However, about 5 minutes after I said that I then commented on how great the snow in the ditch would be for riding!  Now I am used to New Years being taken up by this hobby but not Christmas.  Then on New Years he was on the phone with Derek his friend that goes with on the trips when in the background his wife says "I thought we were going to go one day without those phone calls."   Then the weekend they were getting ready to go Dave went to help Jared do some work on his snowmobile and some other guys stuff and apparently his girlfriend said she was in desperate need of some girl time and that's sort of how this "Winter Widow" idea all came about. 

I know there are several ladies out there that are in the same/similar situation I am in and realized we can be there for each other! 

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