Friday, January 4, 2013

Rough Night - ugh!

Do you ever have one of those nights/days that everything seems to go wrong? 
Well last night was mine!
~Side note, I was going to add pictures but blogger isn't allowing me to do so!~

It started off by me thinking my DH was going to be home to let the dog out and I find out we are both getting home at 7:00 p.m. and now the poor dog has been locked in the house for 11 hours.
Ok, ok - she's fine, I just feel bad. 

Next, my DH runs off to have supper with a friend to discuss their upcoming snowmobile trip (notice my blog name).  While he is gone - I start to think man it feels cold in the house.  I go over to the thermostat to find that it's 62 degrees in the house and it should be closer to 68!!!!!

I go to the furnace (like I know what I'm looking for).

 I can hear the blower running but no fan going.  I text my husband to have him come home - and get no response, as it's getting colder he finally says, he heard me!   I go into the bedroom to get my electric blanket, slippers and a sweatshirt to first find the dog has sat on my bed with feces on her and she has vomited on our ivory carpet!!!!!!  UGH!  I am now past upset - freezing and text my hubby to get home NOW - after 30 minutes he finally arrives and acts like it's no big deal.  Before he gets home I get the sheet off the bed, get out pet cleaner and start cleaning up the puke.  It was NOT coming out - so I head on over to pinterest for some tips & find 2 carpet stain removers - one I have used before and it works - so I start with that one - it was working somewhat - but not enough.  You know what I mean right, it's gross you can still see something and I will always know what happened there.

 So back to the computer I go for the "recipe" on the second one - mix that one all up and start scrubbing again - to find the first solution has made things even worse!  You have to use an iron with the first one and the iron has now left a dark ring on my carpet!  After an hour of scrubbing I finally decide to just stop and let it dry overnight and now you know what I'll be doing this weekend! 

That must be it for one night, right?!


One last issue - I head on out to my car this morning arms full of stuff to get to work including my cell phone.  I turn around to shut the garage service door - when what falls out of my hands and onto the cement....yup, that's right my Iphone...with NO cover!!!!!  I even have a cover - jsut don't like it because it doesn't charge with my Bose speakers!  I pick it up to find I have cracked the back cover....ok, so I'm dissapointed I'm going to miss my first yoga class of the year because I now have to go to the cities to get it fixed...2 hours away is the closest apple store! 

On the way to work this morning I tell myself
 everything is here to teach us something - what? not sure on this one yet
 there has to be some reason for all of this  - again not sure what
and find the positive - that I can do!
So - the bright side - the puke wasn't on my NEW carpet
at least it wasn't the front and the entire phone isn't ruined,
it's Friday!!!!!!!!

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