Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adventures In Country Living

So over the spring/summer we raised some pheasants and now that it's gotten so cold out - seriously it was -13 and the windchill is like -40 we decided we should throw out some corn for them.  My BIL was able to get us some free corn which was great.   So the other day I put out corn in 3 different locations - two of which I can see from my kitchen.  The other day I was leaving and look over to the spot and see a big black spot - as I approach it it slowly slithers - yup the only way I can describe it slithers away.

Can you see that blackish brown thing over there on the edge of the weeds?  

The conclusion its from it's pointy nose long nasty tail and hairy body is that its a possum!  Who knew that they were around.

Then yesterday a HUGE red squirrel shows up and that thing keeps coming back!  I have to admit every so often I show it to my dog and let her chase him - mainly for our entertainment!  

So I tried to be nice and feed pheasants but apparently am feeding possums and squirrels instead!

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