Friday, June 29, 2012

The Tales of Pheasant Farming Continue!

So - no picture - but there should have been because we'd all be laughing right about now - maybe a video would be better!  I'll let you decide after reading my story!

Last night I go to D's to mow lawn, he had to be at work late so he tells me I should let the pheasants out they won't bite! 

 I'm like yeah I know they won't....(note the sarcasm).... but they'll peck my eyes out & fly in my hair!  I need a "bat hat." 

But I know it's true, they need to get outside - it's probably close to 100 in the shed & they need to get some fresh air. 

 So I do it! 

I enter slowly into the pen trying to keep them from flying at me. 

 I'm sure they can smell my fear!

I pull the door closed behind me as far as I can get it - now there's no latch on the inside which I've come to realize is the biggest problem of all!

Oh & i've opened up our shed service door and the BIG door that you drive vehicles in and out of - so the shed is wide open!!!!!!

So I creep over to the door that let's them outside & slowly start to open it when the little suckers realize they can get out the door I came in!!! 

 AHHHHH  - 2 escaped on me!!!!!!  So I go running out of the pen - praying no more get out and I'm sure I was squaking or squeeling too while chasing these suckers!

The both go around the corner of the pen where we have a pile of wood and I see a cardboard box so I throw that on top of them!  No I don't have a plan here - just irrational thinking!

I have one under the little tiny box & the other is creeping out!  I grab him up against the pen &YES I caught him in my bare hands.  However in doing so I slit my thumb open so during all this I am now bleeding as well.  But what to do about the other one?!  I somehow managed to grab him with the other hand so now here I am with a pheasant in each hand & wondering how the heck am I going to open the pen door & get them back in there.  While holding them one is flapping it's wings like crazy - I'm sure pretty mad at me!!!!!!  Or petrifed - let's be honest I think I was more scared then the pheasants.

I managed to open the pen door with my elbow and toss them in.

Thank goodness they didn't escape and I was the only one injured!!!!

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