Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventures in Being A Farm Girl!

So let me tell you about the adventures of being a farm girl last night:

To start things off on Sunday night I look out the window and see a black cat walking around our front sidewalk and I pounded on  the window to scare it off – hopefully cats don’t like pheasant!

Last night I get back to Daves – I get Zoey out and I go turn on all the hoses for watering the trees, which is all I’ve done for the past 3 days and will be doing again tonight!  Trust me you get quite the work out moving hoses -  then I go to feed/water the pheasants when one of those little suckers can almost fly to the top of the cardboard! 


So then I think I’ll be nice & mow the ditch & the front piece right off the deck (that area grows really slow & I Dave normally does the ditch).  So I mow the front section & then head to the ditch when the  mower breaks down – it starts, it runs, it has diesel, the arm controls move but the wheels do not!

So I text Dave and go to do some tree trimming – while trimming trees a skunk goes right across the neighbor’s yard!

See that block spot to the left of the big metal shed - that's the skunk!

While trimming trees I wonder why this one bird is so annoying and crabby when I am in the middle of trimming and come across her nest full of baby birds – gross - that I now probably have killed because I trimmed so close to and worked at for about an hour!

Dave finally gets back to me and asks me stupid girl questions – is it out of fuel – is the parking brake off etc.  he decides to call a couple of his buddies to at least see if any of them can get it going or at least tow it to the house.  He calls me back and informs me 2 guys didn’t answer their phones and one is out of state working so he had to call M who is about if not less mechanically inclined (and he admits it himself) than me!  While we are on the phone some BIG man pulls up in a little blue car (think tom Farley – fat man in a little coat) and gets out and asks if I need fuel – does everyone think I’m stupid?!  Anyways he freaked me out first but then come to find out he’s the neighbor!  HE was being nice & going to get his tractor and pull it to the house if M couldn’t get it going.  So finally at about 8 – 8:30 M arrives and first tells me he was shocked Dave can get me out mowing!  Come on I am prissy but not that prissy – how else will I get a tan!  M gets on and does nothing different than I had already done – as a matter of fact he did less than what I had even tried!  But at least it was a guy there to give it a shot so Dave can't say it was me!

At one point Dave started to consider having me get Russ’s truck out and tow it to the house myself!  Now I know I am independent but come on I am a girl – I shouldn’t have to do these things!!!

M calls Dave & Dave tells him over the phone what to do…….I came prepared with the right tool otherwise I’m not sure M would have known what tool we even needed!  He had to lift up the seat – which I had to help with then he had to loosen a bolt and then tow it to the house – but he loosened the seat and then left the wrench under the seat – so I had to ask him if we could lift it back up to get the tool out!  Thank goodness mike had his own tow strap – and could figure out how to hook that up – because otherwise I would have had to do that myself too!

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