Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pheasant Farming!

Our pheasants are 5 weeks old this week! 

I haven't taken this weeks picture yet but here is the 4 week picture.

Outside Pen

Because the pheasants were getting old enought to go outside we had to build an outside pen for them - so here it is!

You wouldn't think this took very long to build but let me tell you it was quite the ordeal!  We started off with fence posts that we had and put the outside ones in - which was a bit interesting for me!  D had me hold the post while he pounded them in with a sledge hammer.  Well everytime he would pound on it I flinched!  I eventually had to squat down towards the bottom of the post and close my eyes and hold on tight! 
At one point the posts were so tall D got out a 3 step, step stool and stood not on the top step but the top handle and was pounding on the post.  I survived but wasn't overly thrilled with the situation.

So after we got all the outside posts pounded in - we realized if we put chicken wire across the top without any supports it would just sink in.  So back to the shed we went for 3 more posts!

Once we got all the posts in we started adding the chicken wire to the outside.  This went along smoothly until we realized our ground is so uneven we had to do something about that - that is why you see the straw bails!

We got the outside done & then proceeded to work on the top.  We had to climb in the pen & then I would hold one end of the chicken wire with my hands and on my head while D unrolled it to the other end and cut it.  Then we attached it with zip ties.  We did this 4 times!

Finally we had the outside done!  We had, had enough for the night so we went in for supper at 9:00 at night!

The next day we still had to cut a door out for them to get from the inside to the outside.   This all started out quite smoothly with Dave on the inside of the pen (in the shed with the pheasants) and me on the outdie handing him tools and closing the door behind him.   This was smooth until we realized the whole was cut taller then where the chicken wire was attached on the outside!  So D tried to shoo the pheasant to the outside pen and while doing so at least one flew away! 

Then I had to get in the pen to help attach the chicken wire to the shed & cover the hole we now had.  This meant there were pheasants around our feet and the door couldn't be shut tight.  This led to 3 pheasants escaping in the shed!

So we quickly got out of the pen

D got both shed doors shut & we had to catch 3 pheasants with our hands. 

Ok, ok so really D caught them with his hands, I just helped move them closer and open & close the pen door! 

Finally we caught all 3 and closed up the hole and got them all outside!

They now can go in and out and are very happy!!!!

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