Saturday, November 12, 2011

Red & Black

I am obsessed with the colors red & black!!!  A few years back I found red & black Christmas ornaments that I just had to have!  When I would tell peple those were the colors I was going to decorate for Christmas I'm pretty sure they all thought I was nuts - I heard it wasn't going to show up on a green tree, I heard it was depressing,but I knew it would be gorgeous!! 

The hospital in Willmar hosts an event every year where you can decoarte a table for a viewing & I did it one year by myself & then last year invited a few of the girls from work to participate with me.  Last year we did a geen/brown & pink theme - it was beautiful. This year can you guess what colors we did?!!!!

That's right.........RED & BLACK!!!!   YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have always decorate on  a green tree - but this year we had a white tree to use & let me tell you - it is so SASSY!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  The pictures don't do it justice, you can see how beautiful the ornaments look, or the effect the feathers give it either - but trust me - it's AWESOME!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to  buy myself a white tree to put these ornaments on at my own home!  The designer of the event has amazing taste & had these awesome red feathers in vases & I want to find out where she got those because i think they'd be perfect to put in my green tree!!!!

Again - pictures don't do it justice - but we are front & center when you come int eh door of the event center and the people were already gathering around it (sorry to toot our horn)!

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