Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I recently had an experience where someone told me something hoping to make me upset.  They did this over a weekend through a text message, so I had time to process the information before just blowing up or blowing it out of proportion. 

I knew this person wanted to make me angry & see me upset or hurt.  The next time I saw this person the only thing he wanted to discuss was this bit of information that he thought I should be mad about. 

I was able to take the weekend to prepare & go into the conversation with a positive attitude knowing full well that wasn't what he wanted. 

However, I didn't want to buy into the negativity & have a bad attitude!  By the end of the conversation I was so positive about it he got mad and walked away & I realized I really felt that positive about the situation that I normally would have allowed myself to be upset by! 

 I don't understand why people do this & why we allow ourselves to buy into the negativity - I think if we only had time to process information or took the time to process things there would be a lot less hurt around all of us. 

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  1. Good response Lacey. I think the reason said person did it was because He wanted to make you mad, kinda backfired on him Huh?
    It is always better to think before we speak. If I am caught short and a response is demanded...I always say 'pardon?' like i didn't hear so I can formulate a response.