Monday, October 3, 2011

Manual Labor!

So over the weekend Dave & I worked on taking down the horse stalls in the barn - which really is just a a shed - but to me with it being full of manure when we bought it & having horse stalls - it was a barn!   However, with my assistance we now have a shed!  I have to admit I was pretty impressed with myself (I think Dave was too) with how much work we got done & the things I can do! 

I climbed a ladder, grabbed a pry bar & got to work helping get those stalls down!  Then we had to sort through each board & determine what is good enough to keep & what we needed to burn.  Then we stacked & sorted those.  After that we got had to move a snowmobile by hand - the thing doesn't run - so I grabbed an end & pulled! 

Then we got out the bobcat & got work getting the huge posts out!  Being it was just the two of us that meant one of us had to run the bobcat and one had to control the post.  I wasn't very comfortable doing either but I had a chance to do both!!!! As Dave pointed out to me while doing all this work - "You always say you can do anything a guy can do."  This came back at me this weekend for sure while I was running the Bobcat, hooking up chains to posts, moving trailers & filling holes! 

 Then on Sunday with the gorgeous weather we had I was out power washing the deck as well - thank goodness for some beautiful October weather!!!!!

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