Monday, October 24, 2011

What A Nice Weekend!!!

Did everyone enjoy this gorgeous weekend we had!!!!  We gotta make use of the nice weather while we can!!!!!

This weekend we got quite a bit accomplished, which we are both thrilled about as every weekend starting about a month ago until Christmas we have something pretty much planned!!

So we are hosting a Halloween Party & I have been slowly working on a project for Halloween & we finished it up Friday night! 

Check it out......

This is an extra set of hollow-core doors that I had painted black - with paint I already had!  Then I got white wooden letters at the craft store and attached them!  Now this is a project I can use over & over again!!!!!!!!!!  I was so thrilled with how they turned out & you can see them from a long ways away!!!!! 

 We also were able to do some yard work, got the hoses all put away, the back door of the shed back together & D built a door for the front of the shed as when we purchased the property there wasn't a door on the shed at all!  We got a huge remnant of carpet bought & laid for the basement family room so it's an actual usable space now, did some cleaning and had my family over on Sunday!

  Check out one of the many appetizers we had:
YUMMM!  Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos, stuffed with Cream Cheese - straight from Grandma's Garden!!!!

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