Monday, March 7, 2011


I am so overwhelmed at the amazing Blogs that were on the Soul Resotration Blog Hop over the weekend!  I am truely in awe by the amazing women out there!  Not only were all of the blogs wonderful - but the comments on my own blog touched my heart deeply and the comments on the other blogs were so inspiring as well! 

I want to give a big THANK YOU to those of you that signed up to be a follower and those of you that left a comment!  It was great to hear others felt the same way that I did and that we could relate to each other in this process!  I hope that we can all stay connected whether it be through our Blogs, Facebook or the SR Forums!  The women that participated in SR 1 & that are going to be participating in SR1 or SR 2 are amazing and I think we can all inspire and support each other!!!!

I want to congratulate the 5 winners that I chose at random - they are:

CK Photo

I hope you will take a minute to click on each of their names and check out these Brave Girls as well!


  1. Oh my gosh--I won a prize. I am so excited. And happy to be a new follower of your blog. Hope you visit mine too.

  2. How generous of you and lucky for the brave girls.
    Keep smiling and being the best you can be