Monday, March 14, 2011

I have a confession!

So I admit it....I am addicted to coffee!  That's the first step right - admitting it!  I knew I LOVED coffee - but didn't realize how much I NEED it until the other day!  Now I say coffee - but what I really mean is - French Vanilla Latte's from LuLu Beans in Willmar - or an Irish Cream Latte from all other misc coffee shops - because nobody can make my french vanilla latte right except LuLu Beans! 

Okay so i was out showing houses last week to a Mom, her daughter and the daughters boyfriend.  We looked at 2 houses and they decided to go back to the first house for a second look with her Dad who could be there in 5 minutes.  We get back to the first house and the daughter walks in this time holding a cup from LuLu Beans - yes that's right I know what cup comes from what coffee shop!  Once I saw the cup I couldn't stop thinking about a latte!  I don't think I heard one word that any of them said after I saw the cup - all I could think was I need a latte!!!!!!!!!  As soon as we left I had to go get one!  I know they are expensive and I try hard not to buy them all the time and that day I had made my own at work in the morning but that just wasn't enough that day - I had to have one!!!!!!!!!! 

I think this is called a problem!

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