Monday, January 23, 2012

You Invited How Many?!

So I thought I had our guest list under control, thought I was doing well!  I had the wedding guest list typed up all nicely in an Xcel Spreadsheet and I had the Dance guest list in another spreadsheet!  I was feeling VERY good about it!  Dave & I both had agreed we'd like the wedding/meal guest list to be around 100-120. 

So Friday night we sat down to go over the list & now we have a problem! 

 I had right over 100 people that we would be inviting to the dance and after talking with Dave we are now up near 160!!!!!!!!!!!! Now what?!  I gave in and said we could go up to 125 - but do you know how much it will cost to feed 125 people?!  

Yeah, I know you have some idea!

So somehow now Dave needs to cut 40 people from our guest list and move them over to the dance list.  I printed the list off for him & he is going to try to work on it during the week - so we'll see where that gets us!

Wish us luck on this one!!!!!!!

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