Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone!!!  I know I haven't blogged a lot lately but things have been crazy with Christmas, wedding planning, New Years & regular life!

I didn't realize that wedding planning would be so difficult! 

 I have also been shocked at all of the opinions and am learning a lot about how to act towards others with this entire process!  I might learn more about myself and who I want to be more than anything! 

Everyone & I mean everyone you talk to feels fee to share their opinions!

  I want opinions and help but I don't want it shoved down my throat either! 

My goal was to have our date & venue picked out by the first of the year & by the afternoon of Thursday December 29th we were sure we had!!!!!  We were so excited and ready to call the Pastor to see what dates worked for her. 

 We sat down that night and were just reviewing some costs when we came across two HUGE shockers that weren't mentioned to us at the appointment earlier that day!  So back to square one we went.  We had visited another venue on Thursday as well & were able to eliminate that one as soon as we walked in as it was SO outdated - I mean pink chairs and old floral carpet. 

So then on Friday we went & met with another venue in St Cloud that we like - much more Dave's style then mine, but again after we ran the numbers it was still higher than we want to be. 

 We were told about one other place in St Cloud so we headed over there for drinks and appetizers to find out that venue is just screened in and has no indoor plumbing - another no!

Saturday morning we met with another venue & really like that one and appears so far to be much closer to our budget.  We feel like we are at least getting closer - but this is a lot of work just to find the venue!

Not to mention we had already taken an entire day & drove to a ton of other venues because either Dave hadn't seen it or I hadn't or we both hadn't so we had already  eliminated a bunch. 

I really want to get a date & venue narrowed down so we can start on the other details & start enjoying the process more! 

I have to say I have fun when we are at the venues but then you leave and run numbers and are a bit let down! 

 I knew things would be expensive but have been surprised at all of these additional costs that are involved in just the venue!

So if anyone has any wedding tips/advice please feel free to send it my way!!!!!!!!!

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