Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

I recently started following the blog Roots & Rings - and on Tuesdays she asks 10 questions that are jut for fun!  Can't we all use a little fun on a Tuesday.  So this week's questions are as follows:

1. What are 3 things that are on your Christmas wishlist?
I don’t have a Christmas list this year since I just got engaged and we bought a house this year as well

2. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
Baby It's Cold Outside

3. Do you have a favorite band or singer that sings it especially awesome?
Nope - I pretty much just love any Christmas music I can listen too.

4. Have you heard about the website goodreads?
No - but I'll be looking into it now.

5. What are 3 books you want to read?
I HAVE NO IDEA - I just got the Alchemist & am reading that now but don't have a list.

6. Do you hunt deer?

7. Have you started Christmas shopping? Are you completely finished?
We have less to do this year because as a family we drew names - so only one gift for my immediate family & then jut have 4 nephews & nieces & I just got engaged so we won't be buying each other gifts since we are planning  a wedding!  I only have a few things left to get - got several things online this year - best kind of shopping ever@

8. Did you shop on Black Friday? What was the best deal you got?
No Black Friday shopping for me - I have a second Thanksgiving on Black Friday - I will watch for some online deals - but don't do the crowds!

9. What’s one holiday tradition your family has?
My Mom & Sisters & I bake before Christmas and our immediate family opens presents Christmas eve & then we go to my Grandmas on Christmas Day.

10. How many blogs do you read? Do you subscribe/unsubscribe often or do you purge every once in a while?
I read a few - I have several saved in a folder that I can check out but I find several don't update very often!

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