Friday, September 9, 2011

Country Life....

I'm not so sure what I think about country life as my allergies seem to be in full force in the country - but as soon as i get to town - they stop!  So that's been new!  But the biggest changes has been all of the creatures - that's right not animals - creatures!  We started off with an infestation of wood ticks - I've never experienced anything like it!  Every night for the first few months we'd pull anywhere from 5-20 ticks off my poor dog! We seem to have gotten that under control!
 Then we moved onto an ant problem like you can't believe - not just regular ants but fire-ants and they are everywhere - I have tried every kind of ant spray/powder/pellet you can think of. Keep in mind - they aren't just outside - we've had an ant issue in the basement as well!  I think we've gotten rid of the ants in the basement and it appears for now we've gotten rid of the fire ants but I can't believe all the ant hills that just seem to pop up everywhere!
            We have snakes - lots of snakes & if I can, I mow them up!
We have frogs - not just one or two frogs tons & tons & tons of frogs.  Again - not just regular frogs - but frogs, and toads & tree frogs - you want a pet come to my house!  One afternoon we pulled 15 out of a window well!  I also try to move these guys up as well!

We have now moved onto muskrats!  Yup that's right - 2 of them in the window well!  I don't know why all of these creatures need to visit me - but I've had enough!  We were sitting on the deck one afternoon when my dog started to freak out about at the window so we went to see what was in there & there they were!  I wanted them dead - but Dave got a bucket & gloves & scooped them out and let them run away!!!

Then on the way to a wedding just 2 miles from out house - this is what we come across:
This thing must have weighed 45 - 50 lbs!

 You want a pet - come visit me - you can have anything I have for free!!

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