Thursday, May 19, 2011

What have we done?!

So the plan was this week to finish getting the yard cleaned up and mow it and have the fence posts taken down by Friday!  No big deal right?!  WRONG!!!!  When Dave works until 6:00 at night & doesn't get home until after 6:30 he can't be out at the house until about 7:00!

Monday night I was able to get a ton mowed in the front yard while Dave & Russ worked on cleaning up the backyard.  They eventually needed my help so I went to help & we got some fencing pulled - so that was all good - I was feeling good about the progress!

Tuesday - I had some showings so Dave & Russ went to the house & started working but some friends showed up & by the time I got there Dave was showing them around & that's what we spend the rest of the night doing!

Wednesday - I got out there early so I was able to get this fenced in play area cleaned out - it was full of toys (pictures to come) - it was sort of sad as I found some little girl mittens and a pair of little boys shoes! After that I was able to get the chairs out on the deck, empty out the fridge (it's not working), and started killing weeds!  Then a contractor showed up to give us an estimate on some sheetrock/taping/mudding that we need done & it felt like he was never going to go home!  Eventually Dave & Russ showed up & they started working on getting the fencing from the horse pen pulled - they made some great progress on that as they got that about 3/4 done in about an hour & a half - so that was good!  Plus we were able to get the fridge moved from the garage to the house to see if that helped. 

Today - I went to check on the fridge & it still wasn't working so I had to call some repair men.  We are now waiting to see what's wrong with the fridge.  In the meantime my Mom & Sister went out to the house to scrub one room that the carpet was already pulled up when we bought it but there was animal feces on the floor and in the vents.  They scrubbed it four times with heavy duty cleaners and some bleach.  Anything has to be better than what it was!

I'll try to post pictures soon! 

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